Second Demo

by Iprit

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released by Penguin Trail Records


released April 10, 2012




Iprit Russian Federation

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Track Name: Pages written by Fools
read this another history book
full of lies and speculations
hundreds of pages written by fools
blind like a moles and scared by tyrants

whom we should trust?
what's the truth and what is not?
when everything is falling
we speak so quite afraid of being heard
and keeping words as birds
locked inside the cage of fear
our doubts tears us apart
and we will die and all we belive in
will be buried with us
Track Name: Nothing To Hope For
now we're staying under that bridge
we used to walk across in a past
in the wilderness where we still live
and wait when better days will come

each rustle in a darkness
wakes us from our dreams
no voices to be heard
in lifelessness over here

I watched the world collapses
and falls on our heads
a memories that never leaves me
replaced all what I've known

who broke our lifes against our will
and took away comfort and peace?
apart from usual course of the life
nothing to hope for and now we're gone
Track Name: Obscure Streets
these gray landscapes looks so sadly
without bright colors, just common apathy

bored faces, careless eyes
they look down and don't see each other
imitation of a life
like a fishes swimming in a glass box
path highlighted by a streetlamps
from a start point to a destination
walking down to the end
one by one they all just pass by

inhale the flavour of void
mixed with a smoke and liquid light
look to this concrete maze
composed of a garbage and straight lines

under synthetic light so cold and unfriendly
all becomes such ignorant and apathetic

senseless writings on a walls
warning signs on both sides of a road
these obscure streets like urban mazes
where we have no the aim and the direction